Slipcast is an innovative podcast distribution network.
Podcasters upload an episode. Listeners download dynamically generated audio files with advertisements targeted to their location. Advertisers control when, where, and how their campaigns are run. Everyone wins.

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User podcaster

Podcasters record a podcast using their preferred software. They mark commercial breaks by muting their microphone for a set amount of time. Upon uploading their podcast, the SLPCST system will analyze the file, noting the timestamps where commercials should be slipstreamed into the episode.

User advertiser

Advertisers create campaigns, upload their commercial, and set criteria that determines how, where, and when the advertisement should run. By specifing a location and a radius, advertisers can target the listeners location. Small, local businesses get to run dynamic, targeted advertising on a small budget.

User listener

Listeners quickly download high quality versions of their favorite podcasts for free. The advertising revenue helps their favorite podcasters continue creating great content and exposes the listener to relevant, local businesses.

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